The history of our company began in 1960 with Tubitalia Geom. Giudici started to produce concrete pipes with high mechanical and chemical resistance specific for sewer pipes. Our production has since developed over the years going from a limited range of products to today’s current production, which offers pipes from 30 to 200 cm in diameter both in the circular version and the ERCOLE version with a flat base.

The TUBITALIA with stoneware embedded in the thickness are the icon of our production: the only pipes that taking advantage of the synergy created by the use of concrete and ceramic stoneware, offer a perfect and durable resistance to the corrosive agents of sewer and mixed water. Additionally, in order to meet all the needs of an increased clientele, we have considerably expanded the range of our products up to being a solid reference point for the purchase of all concrete products. But we did not stop there, we realized that we could support the production activity with an innovative service of televising inspections and trenchless restoration of pipes and manholes, reflecting an important industry trend which looks for new technologies, able to obtain the restoration of the existing pipes and the testing of the pipes just installed without generating any inconveniences.

Design, installation and maintenance of purification plants as well as the disposal of bio-waste in agriculture are also part of our portfolio of services. The forty years of experience in the production of manufactured goods, in the assistance in construction sites and in the collaboration in the drafting of reference regulations for this sector, constitute a unique and valuable historical asset that guarantees our clients a qualified consulting service on the products and their use.